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Essential Eligibility Information

In order to safely participate in the Bike School at Mt. Abram, participants must:

Fit on a minimum of 20” wheeled bike
Pedal, steer, stop and negotiate a bike over a variety of terrain
Operate disc or rim brakes (no coaster brakes)
Mount and dismount bicycle, with or without trained assistance
Visually identify routes and hazards while riding
Wear required safety gear including a properly fitted helmet
Perceive and comprehend the inherent risks of the activity
Stay alert and focused for the duration of the course
Effectively notify leader or other riders of injury, illness, personal distress or need for assistance
Perform necessary self-care including maintaining nutrition, hydration, personal hygiene and clothing management
Perceive, understand and follow basic instructions including, but not limited to, directions to move, pedal, stop or other action required to avoid hazards and/or manage risks
Contribute to a safe learning environment; harassing or abusive behavior will not be tolerated
Work cooperatively as a member of the group (group lessons only)

Equipment Requirements

Cycle with minimum of 20” diameter wheel
Knobby tires
Hand brakes (disc brakes recommended, rim brakes are acceptable; NO coaster brakes)
Eye protection recommended

If you plan to bring your own bicycle to a course, the staff of the bike park reserves the right to inspect it for safety and use on the trails. If it does not meet safety standards, rental bikes are available for your lesson.

Click here for a printable Essential Eligibility Bikes & Personal Equipment Guide

Click here for a printable Mt. Abram Bike School Lessons & Programs Guide

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