Competition Program

14 Weeks
Ages U10-U19

Our Mission
To instill a lifelong love of skiing in each athlete. To maintain a supportive and focused environment that challenges athletes to increase their skills as all around skiers, racers, and overall athletes. To develop a community of lifelong skiers and ski racers passionate about the sport who exemplify all of the best attributes of sportsmanship, respect, commitment, and athleticism.

A Typical Training Day
Each day we work to provide all athletes with a well rounded training experience that sets them up for success. Athletes are expected to arrive on time every day. Skiing is a dynamic sport where training plans must be tailored to variables such as: specific needs of the athletes, the weather, and upcoming events. With these variables in mind the coaching staff develops comprehensive plans for each session that are likely to include:

  • Specific Warm Up focused on injury prevention and strength
  • Directed Free Skiing
  • USSA SkillsQuest Tasks
  • Time in training courses
  • Free Skiing in varied terrain
  • Video Analysis
  • Lots of learning
  • Healthy Competition
  • Smiles and Laughter

Commitment to Healthy Development of Athletes
Success comes in many different forms and at different times for each and every athlete. The foundation for this success, and the core structure that allows for struggles to become successes, is the dedication to developing the complete health of our athletes.
Health like success takes many forms. The two pillars we build our program around are that of mental and physical health. These two pillars are brilliantly co-dependent. Think of them as the two legs of an isosceles triangle. When joined together by the base of overall health, they create what is arguably the strongest structure on the planet; yet when one is weak the other begins to fall. Should they fall, the triangle is nothing but a base and from a base we must rebuild. To ensure that the legs stay strong, we must lay the base carefully and proportionally. This base consists of rest, nutrition, and training.
The Mt. Abram Competition Program is committed to providing tools and training that support healthy development not only as athletes, but also as individual people. We strive to help our athletes build the foundations for success in all areas of their lives. The triangle created by two balanced legs (mental and physical health) that are joined by a base of strength in habits and training, is the support structure for success and happiness.

Courtney Poston
Director of Alpine Racing
Office: 207-875-5000


Mt. Abram Ski Area        Official Press Release      


Mt. Abram hosts Maine State High School Class A Ski Race Championships, FEB. 21-22, 2017

Mt. Abram Competition Team Sends Skiers to New England Regional High School Championships this March!

Greenwood, ME:             Mt. Abram hosted the Maine Principals Association High School Skiing Class A State Championships on Tuesday and Wednesday, Feb 21-22, 2017.  Over 200 athletes from all over the state of Maine participated in Giant Slalom and Slalom over two days of competition.  Mt. Abram’s Race Team enjoyed success with 14 athletes advancing to the “Shoot-out” races and another five (5) athletes moving on to join the Maine Team at the New England Regional High School Ski Championship.

Only four days after the state championship, the “shoot-out” race would be held at Black Mountain. This race determines who will represent Team Maine at the New England High School Regional Championships. The “shoot-out” is a competitive and demanding event requiring athletes to complete 2 runs of GS in the morning, followed by 2 slalom runs in afternoon, the skiing version of a “double-header.”  The following Mt. Abram Race Team athletes earned a spot on the Maine Team and will be competing in the New England Regional High School Ski Championship:

  • Caroline Burns
  • Aaron Rae
  • Kyle Mooney
  • Maxx Bell
  • Ryland VanDecker

“What an outstanding showing for this program, a testament to these athletes work ethic and dedication, not to mention the coaching staff, parents and ski area management that allow these athletes to excel! 14 athletes out of this program (8 last year) is simply awesome! Thanks to everyone involved for making these kids have such success, as they say: it takes a village,” said Tim Hutchisen, Mt Abram Race Coach.

We wish the Mt. Abram athletes and the Maine team the best of luck as they travel towards the Eastern High School Championships to be hosted at Attitash Mountain on March 10th – 12th.

Mt. Abram provides a full-service training program that is designed to develop highly competitive skiers.   Listed below is the full list of the 14 Mt. Abram athletes that qualified for the Maine Principal’s Association Shootout Race:

Class A

Ryland VanDecker
Kyle Mooney
Colby VanDecker
Owen White
Aaron Rae
Conner Jackson
Caroline Burns
Polly Rae
Ella Novick
Maxx Bell default, Maine team member from last year

Class B

Macguire Anaszewski (Sergio Dopplemier)
Charlie deHass
Carson McEvoy
Cate Ralph

Welcome Home to Mt. Abram – Think Snow!

About Mt Abram:

In operation since 1960, Mt Abram has long been a favorite learn to ski mountain as well as being one of Maine’s favorite mountains for racing and exploring off-piste terrain. Located 70 miles from Portland, the ski area offers 51 trails, five lifts, and a vertical drop of 1,150 feet.  Winner of the 2012 Golden Eagle Award for Environmental Excellence.


Welcome Home!