Mt Abram Main Base Hit by Lightening

Hi Folks,

I want to bring you up to speed on recent events here at the mountain. On the evening of July 6, the Main Base Lodge was struck by lightning. It hit the roof of the west end of the building, over the company offices, surged through the building, exiting on the east end (closest to the summit chairlift) and sparked a major fire in the lodge. We are incredibly fortunate that the building was empty at the time and that no one was hurt.

We owe thanks to the fire departments of Greenwood, Woodstock, Bethel, Gilead, West Paris and Newry, all of whom came to assist. Even so, there is massive damage throughout the lodge. Additionally, the strike damaged the electrical lines to the Rental Shop and Maintenance Building.

Given the task at hand, we’ll almost certainly be operating guest services out of a temporary structure this winter. You might have seen this type of structure at other ski areas; they are versatile, warm and comfortable. We’ll make sure your experience with us this winter is everything you expect, and maybe even better.

Many loyal Abram skiers and riders have called us to offer help. We’ve been deeply touched by the outreach. And yes, there ARE a few things you can do to assist us:

1) Stay in touch. Shortly, we’ll be launching an interim website at to help keep you and others in the Abram community informed about developments. Right now, the best way to stay abreast is to make sure you’re following us on Facebook –

2) Help us get in touch with others. We lost most of our databases in the fire (score one for off-site backup) and we want to be sure that everyone who loves the mountain is aware of what’s going on. To that end, talk with your Mt. Abram friends and make sure they know what’s happening. We’ll have a mechanism on the website shortly that will enable them to sign up for updates.

3) Send us photos! Our photo archives got burned up too. We need images. Got some good action shots, some pretty Mt. Abram views or simply a nice shot of the family having a great time? Send ‘em in, along with your contact information, to the newest member of our marketing team, Angie Carroll –

We’ll update you on our progress as we learn more. Forgive us if you receive some messages more than once; we do have SOME databases and we’re still working on the merge-and-purge. As we move forward, you’re less likely to any redundancies.

If you are looking for us in person, temporary offices are now at the Westside Lodge. We have phone, email and fax capabilities back up and maintenance crews are working tirelessly on the mountain preparing for the upcoming season.

So that’s it for right now. Think snow (not lightning), get ready for a wonderful season, and we’ll be in touch.

Kevin Rosenberg, General Manager
Mt. Abram Ski Area



  1. Mark Nieman 11/01/2011, 2:31 pm Reply

    Sorry to read of your loss. I ski a small area (Pat’s Peak) and like them better than most big areas. Wish you all the best. Your skiers will return, and more. I was looking for a directions page, but couldn’t find one. Any help?
    Good luck

    • MtAbram 01/18/2012, 3:56 pm Reply

      We are currently making a directions page. stay tuned!

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