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Looks like Carey Kish had a great day last Sunday January 15th in our neck of the woods. Check out his recap on the Maine Outdoor Journal website with pictures included:


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Chilling out at Mt. Abram

What’s a little -11F wind chill among friends, eh? You bundle up, cover all exposed skin and go, right? That’s what I say. But I could find precious little company on the slopes of Mt. Abram regardless.

The snow was excellent, groomed packed powder. The skies a bluebird blue. The mountain views, forever. No lift lines. No crowds. No waiting.

Wide open slopes, great skiing. Run after glorious run.

And those friends I mentioned? No where to be seen. Nada. I was flying solo. Not even my lovely wife. At least she had an excuse (pinched nerve).

Sure, it was damn cold. But that’s they why they make fleece long johns and down jackets and serious wind shells and pants and insulated gloves and balaclavas and helmets and big goggles, isn’t it?

The new snow was enough to provide really good cover to the two top-to-bottom runs that were open. Everything else was closed.

No matter. It was great. At least for me and the other couple dozen skiers and riders out there.

Yep, off the lift to the left you could do Sweeper and Lallypalooza. Or to the right the choice was Frostbite Falls to Bullwinkle’s. Below that you could continue on Dudley Do-Right back to the base. Or the top half of Boris (the bottom was roped off for racing) to Chicken Chute and then down.

Westside also had some good open terrain.

Like I said, it was enough to keep busy. And with no crowds about, they were quick runs. All good. But next time I wanna see more of you out there, got it?!

Took a break part way through to warm up to a terrific bowl of chili and a frosty cold can of PBR, the perfect skier’s lunch on this fine day. Along with a little NFL playoff action. Was plugging for the Texans but the Ravens did them in. Oh well.

Later on, of course, I checked back in to inventory the supply of PBRs and watch the Giants dismantle the vaunted Packers. I couldn’t stay for the whole glorious show, but listened on the drive home and watched the final half of the fourth from the comfort of my own couch. It wasn’t pretty if you’re a Pack fan, but I bleed blue and red for the G-Men.

If you haven’t been up to Mt. Abram yet since the lodge burned after a lightning strike last summer, you’re in for a few changes. The “new” lodge is a pre-fab temporary structure meant to fill the bill. It sits close to where the old lodge was, on a big slab a bit more toward the mountain and the Wayback Machine chairlift.

The temporary lodge houses rows of picnic tables to gathering, changing and eating lunch. There’s a small ski shop. And restrooms. The far end is home to Loose Boots Lounge, a fun and lively place no matter where it might be, I think.

Not sure on the details regarding the new lodge yet, but I’m looking in to it.

So that’s Mt. Abram as it stands. A few changes, but still the same great atmosphere. The mountain needs another few good dumps of natural snow to really ramp things up and open more terrain. But then, the same can be said for all over Maine and New England.

We gotta have more snow Mother Nature! And we need it yesterday!!

Meantime, I’ll take what Mt. Abram is offering. You should too. So get on up to Greenwood and show our friends there some love. And enjoy some pretty decent skiing, some good food, and a few laughs in the lounge. Isn’t that what it’s all about anyway? You bet.


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