Green Initiatives

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Mt Abram is dedicated to sustainable practices. These are some of the initiatives that we are implementing to assist the environment that provides us with so much fun:

First Ski Area in North America to install NIVIS Airless Snow Guns 


Efficiency Maine has awarded Mt. Abram a 50% matching grant through the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Program, allowing Mt. Abram to acquire 25 airless guns this winter to blow snow throughout the mountain. These guns will cut air consumption by 50% percent and allow a carbon off set of 402,804 pounds.

The Nivis® snowmaking lance Ecostick is uniquely equipped with the patented Nivis injection system. This makes it possible to work without a compressor unit or a central compressed air system. The injector, patented by Nivis®, aspirates ambient air and creates a water-air mixture which is pulverized directly through the nozzle head. For this process there is no electrical energy needed.


Mt Abram awarded a USDA REAP Grant for $235,000 toward a solar project

In August, 2013 Mt Abram was awarded a USDA Reap Grant for $235,000. The funds will be used to help develop a 803 solar panel project designed to off-set annual energy consumption.

Click here: Real-time calculator of Mt. Abram’s solar power output!  Analyze data from previous dates!

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 National Ski Areas Association has recognized The Mt Abram Ski Area as one of three winners  for the 2012 Golden Eagle Award for Environmental Excellence

Mt. Abram  has received distinguished acclaim from the National Ski Area Association for the Mountain’s switch from fossil fuel based heating to a wood pellet system –  a carbon neutral and locally produced fuel source. At the NSAA’s Annual Convention in San Antonio, TX, Mt Abram was awarded the Golden Eagle Award for Environmental Excellence along with Steven’s Pass in Washington State and Aspen/Snowmass in Colorado.


Our Low Energy Snowmaking Project, implemented prior to the 2010 ski season through our Low Energy Snow Guns, considerably reduced our annual ski area kW usage, while simultaneously reducing 43,000 gallons of burned air-compressor diesel.

Mt Abram’s snowmaking goal is to provide reliable snow cover, just over one foot on 70 acres (of the Resort’s 110 acres of trailed terrain, 70 are covered with snowmaking), for Opening Day and the Christmas Vacation period, additional volumes, two extra feet on five acres and for supporting the Resort’s terrain and race parks.

Abram’s New Low E system
Throughout the summer and fall of 2010 Abram replaced all its internal mixing air and water ground guns with 60 HKD Low E Towers allowing the Area to meet its snowmaking goals in roughly one third of the time required in years past, while significantly increasing snow cover reliability and responsiveness.


Low E Towers rely on water pressure and nozzle technology to break up droplets to a freezable size. A fixed volume of compressed air is then used to nucleate the droplet to initiate ice crystallization. In addition, Low E Towers spray nucleated plumes from 20 to 30 ft above the trail allowing more crystallization prior to landing. This innovative technology resulted in a system requiring only 20% – 25% of the compressed air that ground guns do to convert a given unit of water into snow.

Mt Abram’s Wood Pellet Boiler
In the late fall of 2011 Mt. Abram installed a wood pellet boiler to heat the temporary base lodge structure and future permanent lodge and surrounding buildings. The new system replaces the old oil boiler (that was destroyed in the fire), lifting our resort’s reliance on  fossil fuels for heating buildings. Similar systems are in place in Western Europe and can fully heat a building holding 30-40 apartments.  The pellet boiler is completely carbon neutral as it burns premium pellets that are very dry and highly pressurized pieces of wood. To learn more visit . The entire process creates a very fine ash that can be used in a compost pile or directly on a garden to facilitate healthy growth.


In addition to the boiler we are using a wood pellet burning stoves to heat  the ticket office.

Used Fryer Oil
We are currently putting our used fryer oil from the kitchen that services both the cafeteria line and the Loose Boots Lounge into a hundred gallon tank for Maine Standard Biofuels. Once a month they pick it up and take it to the processing facility in Portland where it is converted to be used as a “green” renewable fuel.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station
Mt Abram has installed two E/V charging stations in the main parking area. As part of our commitment to reduce our reliance of fossil fuels, we are proud to be the second ski area in North America to provide juice for electric and hybrid cars.

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